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We have a variety of items available for sale in our RAC Pro Shop. If you’re looking to purchase items for swimming, racquetball, athletic accessories, headphones, padlocks  etc. feel free to stop by the desk to check if we have what you are looking for. If we do not have it in stock we may be able to acquire the item for you. If you have any suggestions of an item to be included in our pro shop we would love for you to let us know using our suggestion card boxes.


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Here’s to Fabulous Spring Skiing at Wildcat & Discounted Tickets!

Early April at Widlcat Mountain

While most New England ski resorts are either closing for the season or switching to weekend only status, Wildcat Mountain will keep on going, seven days a week for the next several weeks. Why not? the snow pack is deep, the weather is cooperating with cold nights followed by sunny days and the conditions are […]

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Time for Tuckerman’s!

800px-TuckermanRavineSkiingSpring is here and it’s time to plan for the spring ritual of Tuckerman’s Ravine! When I[...]

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Winter Hangs On in New Hampshire’s White Mountains

Wildcat late MarchRoyalty Inn guests were greeted with another 8 inches of new snow early this Thursday morning. Despi[...]

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Winter Wonderland!

Winter wonderlandAs of 10:00 AM Thursday Morning the thirteenth day of March, the snow continues to fly and temperatu[...]

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Dog Sledding, Another Exciting Winter Adventure!

Dog sleddding 2One of the most unique winter activity in our region is dog sledding. Located in nearby Jefferson NH[...]

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