Dog Sledding, Another Exciting Winter Adventure!

One of the most unique winter activity in our region is dog sledding. Located in nearby Jefferson NH, is Muddy Paws Dog Sledding. Muddy Paws is the premier dogsled touring operator in New England. This kennel offers a variety of year round dogsled rides in NH ranging from 2 – 50 miles. They even offer dog sledding overnight trips. Muddy Paws welcomes guests of all ages and abilities to meet the rescue and second chance sled dogs, pet them, help to harness/hitch the teams and even help drive!

Guests are invited to meet the staff directly at the sled dog education center in Jefferson, or choose one of our wonderful offsite locations. A list of the variety trips & tours  is posted on their website. They also welcome your call to customize a unique dog sledding trip to fit your family or large group.

There is still plenty of winter to plan an excursion to the White Mountain region of New Hampshire and experience this exciting winter adventure. The Royalty Inn is conveniently located on Route 2 not far from Muddy Paws and other fun attractions. The Royalty Inn is your home-base for White Mountain adventures like dog sledding!

Conrad Klefos, General Manager