Moose Tour LodgingGorham NH is home to many Moose – and the Royalty Inn is the perfect home base for this White Mountain adventure. Join Gorham Moose Tours as they take you on a 3 hour tour (yes, just like Gilligan’s Island) in one of their comfortable tour buses.  Enjoy a moose / wildlife tour on the North Country’s longest-running tour with experienced wildlife guides that know just where to search and find MOOSE!

It is illegal to shine lights in order to spot moose or other animals, but they have permission from the state of NH, so their buses are equipped with spot lights to find and view MOOSE after dark.  Night time is the ideal time to view moose, but also the most dangerous as they blend in with their surroundings and dark backgrounds.  That’s why we recommend letting Gorham Moose Tours do the driving and searching for you!

When possible and safe, they allow visitors to disembark the bus and get a closer look at these beautiful animals. The success rate for 2013 was 96% and in one tour they were fortunate to see 23 MOOSE!  Tours run from the end of May until the end of September in order to increase chances of seeing our wonder friends, the MOOSE.

Please understand that MOOSE like all animals can be unpredictable and there is no guarantee of seeing a moose, but we will make every effort to make your trip enjoyable!

So make Gorham a destination on your next trip and take a MOOSE TOUR! The Royalty Inn is conveniently located close to the departure point and is an ideal home base for all of your White Mountain adventures including moose tours! We hope to see you soon!